Online slots work nearly the same way as slot machines in land-based casinos. A slot in an online8casino is actually a virtual computer and works according to a program. Keep reading this review.

Kinds of online slots

A classic slot is marked by its bells,whistles, bars, candies, 7s, etc. Landing these symbols on the reels according to a pattern can make you rich. Most classic slots have 2 or 3 reels.

Classic slots are very easy games to play, and these have very few rules. Just remember the winning combinations before clicking the spin button. Many newbies prefer these slots to video slots which we shall describe later.

  • Slots can be played for free or real money

What are video slots?

These slots have elaborate storylines, and are very popular among online gamblers. Video slots let you win in multiple ways and have multiple betting lines. Some video slots have special symbols that can make you quite rich.

The low value symbols are the top cards of the suite, while the higher ones vary across slots. In addition, some video slots have Wilds, Scatters, and Multipliers. What are these symbols? Let's find out.

Wilds and Scatters

Wilds are like the joker of the pack. They can substitute for the missing symbols in a winning combination. Broadly, there are 4 kinds of Wilds. Not every video slot has a Wild symbol.

Scatters unlock bonus rounds and free spins. With these features, you can win cool amounts of money. Multipliers multiply your basic game winnings x2 upwards. Check the pay-table to find if your slot has these symbols.

  • Never lay bets on public Wi-Fi

Return to Player and Volatility

Every slot has a Return to Player percentage. A slot having an RTP of 98% means it will return 98% of your investment over a period. Study your slot's RTP before laying your first bet.

In a high volatile slot, you can win large amounts of money quickly. You can lose this much money too very quickly. On the other hand, in low to medium volatility slots, your winnings or losses are gradual.

  • Some of the best online slots are Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, and so on

How to win online slots?

You need to first learn how slots work. Watch videos or play these games in demo mode. Lay real money stakes only after you have mastered this game. Don't spend money beyond your means.

If you have a big risk appetite, go in for high volatility slots. Lay bets on as many paylines as you can. Choose online slots that have high RTP and special symbols like Wilds, Multiplier, etc.